easy in speech. lives in the clouds of design. sees beauty in everything & everyone. art, culture, innovation; southern hospitality lands on the runway of tactful innocence. 

Photography by Atlanta-based  Futography . 

Photography by Atlanta-based Futography


Donnell Cole-Price 

I majored in Sociology with concentrations in Business, Political Science, and Urban Studies from The University of Alabama at Birmingham. Over most of my life I've been known to be the individual whose open to 'try new things' or maybe 'give new things a try'. So, it all started with my exquisite love for maps and geography at about age 7, then eventually it bleed over to food and shopping; I became a early adopter for searching for destinations on maps and eventually came on technology (AKA the PC craze of the late-90s). Yep, I was one of those kids who received those big Gateway boxes in the mail wrapped in cow print [Inserts Emoji Face with Heart eyes. :] To make a long story short I eventually became the go to guy for advice for food, shopping, hotels, tech tips, fashion, travel, lifestyle, and so many other sorts of things I can't even begin to explain it all. To sum it all, I love sharing: where to be, how to get you there, celebrate my favorite partners & brands, how to find the right businesses; and when those meet we have a perfect match. 

I was born in Atlanta. Raised in both Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia. I spent many of my childhood & teenage-age summers in New Orleans and winters in Chattanooga. All of those experiences gave me the perspective and real-life expertise to build such a strong following and brand at such a young age.  

But one thing that's for sure, I have to stay reading, learning, and challenging myself professionally, socially, and spiritually to make sure I'm providing you with top-of-the-line advice and material. 

Art and living are intertwined into my heart and vision so deeply that I see ways to solve problems, connect people, and bridge-gaps. 





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